AI Lead Qualification for Real Estate & Leasing Professionals

QuickCasa responds to texts and chat 24/7 to engage, qualify, and convert rental leads so your on site teams have more time to spend with prospective tenants.

Simple Pre Qualification with AI

Powering smarter leasing conversations with AI-driven lead engagement

Use AI to reintroduce a personal touch within your lead qualification process to ensure you get the right people into your properties while providing a great first impression.

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Responds 24/7

Prospective residents typically don’t receive a response to their inquiries within the first 24 hours, which causes them to move on to competitors.
Unlock a cost effective contact center that never sleeps.

Auto Qualify Leads

There is low visibility into the quality and overall score of prospective residents, which leads to wasted time and marketing expenditure.
Qualify leads organically and accurately.

Reduce Lost Opportunities

Leasing teams and property managers often spend over 2-3 hours a day responding to leads, making it difficult to personalize every response.
Engage with personalized responses, instantly.

Increase Property NOI

Over 30% of leads either aren’t qualified for the property or aren’t leads at all (tenants, realtors, etc.), resulting in wasted expenditure.
Reduce operational costs, and increase NOI.

Work Smarter with QuickCasa

Innovating the way property managers care for their prospective residents

Enhancing the rental experience from the first point of contact by leveraging advanced AI technology. We provide a more personalized, efficient, and supportive customer experience for prospective residents, crafting unique responses while assessing qualification criteria.

Natural Humanlike Conversations

QuickCasa’s Conversational AI Support Agent™ (CASA) manages initial lead communications and handles rapport building and pre-qualification naturally via chat, SMS, and WhatsApp across your internet listing sites.

AI-Powered Scoring & Intent Detection

Automatically pre-qualify prospects using QuickCasa’s lead scoring and intent detection capabilities. Identify critical renter information, such as budget, desired floorplans, and move-in dates while assessing the lead’s intent to rent.

Lead Summary Notifications

Automatically generate lead profiles with qualification details and a needs assessment summary. On-site teams receive lead summary emails based on lead scores so they can focus on approving applications and leases with their top prospects.

Real Time Reporting

Get dashboard access to your property settings and real time reporting to understand lead traffic and conversion opportunities per community, building, and floorplan to make more informed operations and marketing decisions.

Learn how to use AI responsibly within your organization.

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Additional Services

Our suite of services for multifamily housing extends beyond lead qualification

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